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Heidi Campbell

Heidi CampbellHeidi Campbell is Associate Professor of Communication at Texas A&M University and, having undertaken advanced study in theology and communication, is the author of Exploring Religious Community Online (2005) and When Religion Meets New Media (2010).

Heidi Campbell's opening address Considering Trends Towards Networked Religion in Online and Offline Cultures will consider the characteristics of religious practice online, noting the complex interplay and negotiations occurring between the individual and community, new and traditional sources of authority, and public and private identities in a network society. She will discuss how the characteristics of network religion highlight wider trends towards lived, individualised and fluid religion within contemporary culture.

Adrian Weckler

CAdrian Weckler Adrian Weckler is a journalist for The Sunday Business Post, a national Irish broadsheet newspaper. He contributes both to the consumer technology section in the newspaper and to a monthly business technology magazine, Computers In Business, and is a popular commentator on regional and national radio stations in Ireland. @adrianweckler

Ciarán Mc Mahon

Ciarán Mc MahonCiarán is a research psychologist, specialising in cyber psychology and social media and interested in the relationship between psychology and technology. He developed PsychBook to collate research on Facebook and Candidate.ie, a blog of research on political uses of social media.

Roger Stalley

Roger StallyRoger Stalley is an Art Historian and a member of a research group exploring a range of art historical issues associated with the Book of Kells.

Marie Redmond

Marie RedmondMarie Redmond is Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Trinity College Dublin where she is Course Director of the MSc Multimedia Systems programme. Founder of XCommunications the company that developed the Book of Kells app for iPad.