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Stage is Yours – 5 minutes for presentation

  1. Markus Kartano – “Virtual catherings at Sansar.

Sansar is a 3d platform of Linden Labs, host of Second Life. See and hear how you could use it as a meeting place. You can visit my space at https://atlas.sansar.com/experiences/markusk/meditation

  1. Sara Speicher - #ThursdaysinBlack: Solidarity and Momentum through Covid and Beyond

Thursdays in Black is a long-standing global movement against gender-based violence. Through mini-campaigns, ambassadors, off-line activities and online tools, the WCC seeks to build momentum and impact towards its 11th Assembly in 2022.

  1. Karsten Kopjar – “Online community“.

Three years from now started a project called „OnlineKirche“ to gather people for a church community without physical place. We invented many online meeting options like „Gemeindeabend“ „OnlineKüche“ or during Corona also „DisTanz-Party“ and „dezentrales Whisky-Tasting“. I could share, how we build community by that.

  1. Sherry Coman - Centre for Media and Spirituality

The Centre for Spirituality and Media is a vibrant and dynamic entity within Martin Luther University College. It brings together the community of Luther with the wider body of the Eastern Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, and its partners in the ecumenical and justice communities, to explore the ways in which we engage our spirituality through media. It is a project of Luther, in association with the Eastern Synod of the ELCIC.

The church, in its ongoing evolution of a relationship to media, will need to rely on the faith of its members, a faith which will be formed more and more over media itself. Therefore, a primary goal of the centre for Spirituality and Media is to create programming that will both guide personal spirituality and deepen the church’s understanding of how to do its mission online."