Tell-Your-Story sessions: pick and choose!

On Wednesday, 10 June,  we have a series of Tell-Your-Story sessions scheduled for ECIC. During these sessions, we will get to know and discuss projects, innovations and strategies developed by fellow participants. Here's an overview with short descriptions, times and locations.


First session (11:15-11:45)

Developing and Launching a Common Parish Web Site in Finland (Lukkari)

by Titti Kallio and Juho Ruohola
Room: Leppä

In our Tell-Your-Story session we’ll talk about Lukkari, which is a common web site template for parishes. It’s easy to use by parish workers and parishioners. We’ll tell you about the design and development of Lukkari, first launches, initial feedback, and next steps.


How to go on a Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace online?

by  Annegret Kapp, World Council of Churches
Room: Koivu

The Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace is an initiative of the WCC member churches, inviting Christians and all people of good will to work together on the issues of justice and peace in order to heal a world filled with conflict, injustice, violence and pain. But how to make such a multi-faceted “pilgrimage” visible, taking place over the space of 7 years and all over the world in many different ways? Is the internet a useful tool to engage people in this initiative? We have developed two interactive websites, and that I will present. You may find that you can use them to share about your own activities, too! And you get the chance to tell me how to make them fit your needs better.


Mediating Kaj Munk – giving new life to a dead priest!
by Christian Grund Sørensen

 Room: Takkahuone / Brasrum
How do you create interest in Danish playwright, preacher and resistance martyr Kaj Munk?  And how is this interest transformed into personal inspiration on an existential level? 
In the EU research program EuroPLOT digital tools and designs are invented in order to arouse interest and facilitate interactivity around Kaj Munk.
Faith in postmodernity
Persuasive immersion
Intuitive navigation
Interactive reflection support
Mobile / locationbased
Ethical reflections on attitude change and faith
Universities in Leeds, Krems, London, and Aalborg involved in EuroPLOT together with The Kaj Munk Research Center and The Danish Lutheran Church (= me).
Sneak preview of the digital Kaj Munk Study Edition launched publicly (outside of ECIC) June 15th.


Second session (12:00-12:30)

A Facebook Bishop: The Background Story

by Christoph Breit

Room: Leppä

Heinrich Bedford-Strohm is bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Bavaria und spokesperson of the Evangelical Church in Germany. When he was elected to lead the church in Bavaria, he decided to communicate via Facebook. And since he took on the role as spokesperson on the national level, he continues to post. I will show you the background of an authentic Facebook performance and the problems with the institution and in taking positions in the public discourse.


Gamifying the confirmation class – evaluation after a first year

by David Silverkors, minister in Church of Sweden, Knivsta parish
 Room: Koivu

One year ago I decided to take a stab at gamifying one of my confirmation classes. Now the class is confirmed and it is time to summarize our first year and what we learned. Welcome to join and hear about our thinking, tool sand the way forward.

Luther's adventure

by Miklós Geyer
Room: Takkahuone / Brasrum

On the reformation day in 2013 we launched the Online-Game "Martin-Luther's Adventure", which is also availlable for iOS and Android. In the tell-your-story-session I will present the game and will give you some background information about the ideas behind and the development of the game.


Third session (15:45-16:15)

Bishop in Social Media

by Kaisa Kariranta, special adviser to the Bishop of Helsinki
Room: Leppä

How a 62 year old woman who hated technology found that social media can be a powerful tool.


The Internet and the Catholic Church: the case of Italian parishes

by Rita Marchetti, University of Perugia and Catholic Italian Webmaster Association
Room: Koivu

The age of Italian priests was quite advanced (as much as 44.8% were more than 60 years old, with an average of 62 years); almost half of all Italian parishes did not have their own priest; furthermore, priests were shared among several parishes (46%), and the average years of priestly activity was rather high (30 years). These facts may suggest a lack of Internet and digital technologies use in clerical activities. But it is false. The Italian priests are largely active on internet. In my Tell-Your-Story I’ll talk about a study conducted in five stages (from 2007 to 2013) on the diffusion and use of the Internet among a sample of Italian parishes. I will show the problems and advantages for the Catholic Church: through the internet, the priests can build their web reputation and they can share experiences with each other. At the same time, there are problems hailing from the plurality of voices of the Church in the public space. Also, I’ll describe the transformations in the relationships with parishioners and other people known online.


How to engage your congregation with intelligence and efficient communication

by Christian Steffensen, founder & CEO of 

Room: Takkahuone / Brasrum

Fourth session (16:30-17:00)

Fisucraft - the Church's Minecraft Server

by Markus Kartano 

Room: Leppä

Fisucraft is an finnish Minecraft Server for kids where they can build and play together.  There are  open worlds for anyone to build and worlds with church buildings and even Minecraft Jerusalem with Biblical surroundings and adventures.  FisuPiplia (Minecraft Bible) is a collection of Bible stories made with Minecraft figures. Organizer: Lastenkirkko

Finnish website:  #  Server:


Electronic candles connect the digital and the physical worlds

by Ulrika Wippel
Room: Koivu

Our presentation is about how we upgraded the prayer web and introduced the opportunity to light a candle digitally. To lift awareness of this, there was a campaign during All Saints Day. There were electronic candles hung in trees in cemeteries that light up when someone light their digital candle. It was an incredible success and I'd like to discuss how the mix between the digital and physical worlds were linked in an appreciated campaign.


Telling Gospel Narratives as Multi Media Stories

by Peter Reimann
Room: Takkahuone / Brasrum
Christmas and Easter retold with Pageflow.


great range of tell your stories and interesting input from all the ones i attended as well as good discussion, thank you Annegret for Organising this!