Tell Your Story

Now we are coming to the next Story-telling-session of this ECIC:


The session begins with Nikolaas Sintobin, Society of Jesus, Belgium. He present the web page (go into silence). The page was made of a catholic group of Flemish people. The problem for the Flemish church is, like in the most European churches, to get in contact with young people. The maker of the web page want to introduce, to initiate young people into meditation and prayer, for example in the rosary, but also in the Buddhistic tradition, prayers with the bible etc. Nikolaas present some examples of the website. The Website works with cartoons, podcasts (with links to Youtube), a Facebook-ink and further links which lead the users to more information, if they want to know more about a special issue.


The next story comes from Anna-Karin Olson and Claus Grue (both Church of Sweden). They present us the Diocese of Lund. They have a presentation with them with a lot of facts and figures, let’s hope we get it here on this web page. The Diocese of Lund (one of 13 diocese in Sweden) counts 1.3 million members with 18 deaneries and 152 parishes. It employed round about 3.000 people. The bishop Antje Jackelén has a own Twitter-Account and she shows here how she gets in contact with the people, in pubs, on the street, always looking for opportunities to disperse her message.

The bishop is very familiar with the new Media. For example, last Christmas, they post a list of her favourite Christmas-Song on Spotify. No surprise that she works also with Youtube (have a look on the Bishops summer greeting on Youtube, look for:  Antje Jackelén). For the election of Church Parliaments the Diocese give the parishes possibility to make two-minute-spot on Youtube to present the people which can be elected.


Last not least Christian Steffensen, Denmark, present Church Web ( , a project to support local parishes in web based administration and communications.  Christian and his friends are not employed by the Church but they work as entrepreneurs closely together with the Church. Christian really tells us his story: He started in 1998 with the first web page he built for a local parish. After ten years – meanwhile he made his studies – he noticed that the parish for which he made the web page ten years ago is still with the same one online. This was the reason for him not only to think about but to start changes. He collected volunteers to start the project: More church – less administration. For Christian is very pleasant that the project improves the communication between the church and its members, but also between the employees of the church for example in their Internet-Work. Also Christian brought a nice presentation with him, perhaps he can get it to here on this web page.


Due to the schedule we will hear and see the Story of the Finnish colleagues tomorrow morning!