My Story - Blogging Church President

Peter Reimann told us a story - about their blogging president of the Reformed (United) Rhineland, from Germany. He presented his sotry in a Tublr blogpost, which was really nice concerning this occasion. (

The very first and important statement was that bishop or church president must engage in Social Media activities.

-        Luckily our new bishop asked what he should do with social media, Peter told us.

However it is not easy to advice newly elected bishop on a social media strategy. The first thing in social media is that you must be there authentic. So as they got new church president, they had to find social media that will fit the needs and talents of their president. Should it be Facebook fanpage or blog? Bavarian bishop Heinrich Bedford-Strohm from the Lutheran church has a fanpage:

Reimann told how in the UK bishop Nick Baines had set a good example:

Blog was elected as the most appropriate social media because you can easily integrate text, photo, video etc. and it can be integrated into other website. Blog can also have multiple authors. So the solution was to combine a blog of the Church Board and the President:

The best thing about blogging is that the Church President becomes accessible. He writes the blog himself and that is interesting for the followers.

It is significant that an average visitor click on five different articles (more than 270 visitors per day). The blog is shared in other social media such as Facebook. The blog has existed only two month now. It takes longer time to get the blog well known.

Reimann left some open questions for the future: who is the target audience of the blog? And where the blog is leading?