It's moving fast, but don't be afraid

The digital development never stops. Digital & Technology Editor, Adrian Weckler, gave today the ECIC participants a quick exposition of the latest trends.

The blog is dead, was only one of Adrian Weckler's challeging statements. For many of the listeners (this writer included) blogging is still an important online acitivity, and just after Weckler's keynote new blogging initiatives were presented.

Though the blog has been buried before and still lives, Weckler's point cannot be disputed. People more and more prefer the short and sharp messages that can be read and replied on a smartphone, typically through a social media. Even an emerging ”longreads” movement cannot change that.


The computer is dying

Another dying thing is the personal computer, not only according to Weckler but also according to sales figures. In the future computers will be only for work, while tablets and smartphones will be the main internet platform if not obejcts such as glasses, cars, fridges and washing machines.

At the same time people stop storing data on their own computers and devices in order to place everything in the cloud. The amount of cloud data will be huge and the possible uses of these data will be many.

Opportunities for the church

Weckler works for The Sunday Business Post in Dublin and writes about technology. What challenges and opportunities does he as an outsider see for the church in the current technological development?

Most importantly he said that there is too much fear in the churches. Instead of checking everything by three different committees, the church must communicate faster.

Weckler mentioned bishop in Church of Ireland, Paul Colton as a good example of successful church communication. He doesn't use social media only to announce meetings. Instead he is present on Twitter in a diaological way, engaging in people's lives.

Just do it

In the end of the session a conference participant asked how to cope with all these information and persons that the internet presents to us. You just start, was the advice that Weckler gave, and then you'll learn it over time.

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