Current challenges of social media

What are the current challenges of social media? A group of people from six different countries (Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Sweden and Switzerland) shared the issues we're dealing with. As we shared the group nodded in recognition of the current challenges all of us are facing. Here are some highlights.

Reliance on one person

Many parishes rely on one enthusiast, rather than having social media as an integrated part of the church communication and ministry. If this is the case there's also a risk that purpose and strategy is unclear.

Getting interaction

Communication in social media, especially the increasing mobile usage, is fast. Maybe it's only a like, a retweet or a short one word comment. It's a challenge to drive this engagement into deeper relations.

How we perceive social media

We used to think of digital and analogue being separate. We're transgressing into consider them two sides of the same coin. This challenges the idea of church happening in meat-space rather than something that also happens in the digital flesh.

Having presence on more than Facebook

Because of its size Facebook tends to be the one network a parish chooses to use, if it's using one social network. When many parishes think like this church gets a lot of representation on Facebook, while we miss many of the other big social networks.

What challenges do you see in your church? What's your thoughts on the ones above? Feel free to share in a comment.

Anders Orsander, information officer, Backa parish, Church of Sweden